Thursday, June 30, 2011

Worm Compost bin

Compost bin w lip off by zero7negative
Compost bin w lip off, a photo by zero7negative on Flickr.

So this is what I made. A damn box! But not just any ol' box. A worm compost box. I used sustainably forested wood you bloody hippie. Not pressure treated. So my worms can live in a healthy and clean environment.
So I've got a old post on the compost bin I've been using. It doesn't work for me. Why you may ask. Well. I cooked the shit outa my little worms. I'm not home duriing the best hours of the day. So I don't exactly get to see where the sun sits during it's hottest hours. Besides. it's 2mm thick plastic stuff. There is absolutely no insulation to that thing. So the worms environment is effect by every little nuance change. Wood on the other hand is far better of maintaining a stable climate or temperature for my worms. Not that I plan on keeping in the baking sun. But at least we stand a better chance with a wood box.
I made a lid to keep out the gangster ass raccoons and stray cats out in my hood. The lid will also help with retaining heat at night, but also allow heat to escape when need be. I have not done this yet. But I'll be drilling 1/2" holes in the sides as well. When the sun is beating down. I can keep the lid on for shade and angle it catch a breeze. When the rainy season comes again. I'll just use a tarp or something. I was thinking of polishing up my skills and make a water proof roof for it.

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