Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And more time has passed

Crazy things, crazy things. Its not that I forget to type or update. It's more a matter of whether or not if I feel there is a, "Wow" factor too post. I've had so many ups and downs this past year and personal challenges, I just don't post. I know it sounds like some pussy ass excuse. But I'll ride on it until it runs out. 
I've been continuously working on the landscaping. I did the front yard. The title on that was, "Are these plants citizens?" I tied the concept of what we as a society consider citizens into the titled because I live in a hood which has a heavy concentration of non documented humans. I personally don't give a fuck about those families statuses in regards to that.  I'm here to only tread as lightly and as respectfully as possible. So to make myself feel better about my existence, I plant native plants.

I have since my last post dug up the backyard, made a new worm compost bin, and went further into my Jeep build than I thought I'd ever go into. The latest compost bin is 4'x8'x18" and stand on 4' legs so I don't have to bend over as much. Equipped with a lid and dividers so that I can manage the compost better.

I was unemployed for such a long time that I had figured I should figure out my own means of a living. So I dove more and more into the vermiculture world.  There is a decent amount of info out there. I've been reading tons! "Worms Eat My Garbage." I read a few things from Charles Darwin and his observation on worms. I even got my neighbors, who own the taco truck, to do a garden share.They asked me what I used for fertilizer. I told them, "gusano mierda!" That's Spanish for, "worm shit." So I gave em 30lbs of mierda. It threw his hair back. Even for being bald headed. I showed em what i do with air rated compost tea. Dude thought I was off my rocker. The shit works wonders! I've been geeking out over teas lately too.

The beginnings of the new worm bin. Hans freaks out from the sound of a circular saw.

I didn't put as much effort into the garden as I had wanted to. I was really hoping to be done with the landscape, but a friend of mine completely flaked on me to do the design. I've got squash crawling out of my ass and belly button. I made the mistake of letting grow to about the size of a toddler. Had some awesome leeks, carrots, onions, beets, kale, beans, artichoke, berries, Parsnips, and all the lettuces under the gene pool.