Monday, December 31, 2012

That damn ol' fence

I have been working away at this damn ol' fence now for quite some time. At the beginning of it all I felt great! I was making progress. But then the fence was starting to rise. Then all a sudden it became isolated. The fence looks beautiful! It's as accurately built as a craftsman style home. But it's cold. It's isolating. It's not communal at all. It defeats the purpose of life. We should be able to say, "hello" every morning to each other. I feel like I wasted my money and time. Especially time. I worked really hard on this fence. Mainly because I have this stupid thing called a work ethic. In the end. I'm not surrounded by like minded folks. Therefore it must be done I suppose. Sad really. Unnecessary even. I have nothing to hide. I don't insult the neighbors sun tanning naked. I do wish they were more well kept. Now I don't have to see their trash.
I took a day off of work to fetch a 2,000 gallon rain tank, which took me 6 months to pay off. Every chance I had. I would throw a hundred bucks towards this thing. I was fortunate enough to have this company to distributes these things, allow me to do this. I had finally finished paying it off in November. I told the gal it wouldn't be another 4 weeks until I could pick it up, b/c I had all this stuff in my driveway to haul away to make the room. She was very sympathetic to my request. So my neighbor loaned me his Toyota pickup. The small little thing. Such a nice fella. I was scared as shit retrieving this damn thing, on the drive home. White knuckles like you'd never seen!. 40mph all the way down 101 south. I was thee most hated human for 2 plus hours. Hans was in the front seat with me the entire way. He constantly looked up to me with this puzzled look on his face. "What the fuck were/are you thinking you crazy ass hippy?!?" I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time. Because I knew that this tank would see 10K gallons during a rainy season and save me a mad amount of coin and flat out be cool as shit! So what if I look goofy driving home with this thing. Everyone on the freeway was looking at me and the tank like, "what the fuck is that thing!? What is he doing with his free time?" All while I'm thinking, "You must be jealous. I'm collecting free water!"
It's still sitting in my driveway. Not hooked up. I just finished that pointless fence. Fucking around with the topography for new landscape and flower beds. I've got cardboard laid out all over the place. All the misc. non sense I can find to hold it all down, so that the wind doesn't blow it over or away.

I've been finding myself laying in the wheel barrow alot lately. It's posture is quite nice. I would design a chair after this thing. Name it my next reading chair. I dropped 3K on a Kofod Larson chair I hardly ever use. Why not make the next one a cheaper investment? East Oakland has some really fucked up things about it. But I tell you what. When it's quiet. It's so peaceful. The sky is clear. The air is crisp and the breeze keeps it moving. So the smell is so distinct. I love the winter smell.

I try my best to find peace where I can. I also try and appreciate every thing and everyone where ever I am or can. I'm not perfect. But I'm mindful. So keep that in mind.

Christmas was great. I got a few books I've been wanting. This year was minimal. Food, wine, more wine, more food and music. No one was offended. I got a few pictures to share. If you have a wheel barrow, I suggest throwing on some really comfy clothes. Long Johns, wool socks, boots, beanie, and a nice warm jacket. Point that wheel barrow in a direction you like facing. Roll a joint or not. No pressure. And relax. Hang out. Listen to what's around you. Smell the air. It's mind numbing how peaceful it is. I wish to do this nightly. And I have been. Minus the joint every night. I have responsibilities as well you know.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Crop

     So many folks disregard the beautiful winter months for growing veggies. And sure, your climate zone plays a role in this. I'm very fortunate. California, bay area especially is so amazing for growing damn near anything your heart desires. I am kinda pissed off that I can't grow brussel sprouts. It just doesn't get cold enough. This year however, I'm thinking it might happen. That's a very big might.
You see, sprouts need a constant cold. They form nice tight little buds during that cold weather. Like a virgin lover you've never experienced. It just doesn't do that here near the bay. The big water ways keep temps at this even passe. Some of ya might experience this is the Puget Sound area. Though far more north than I/us. A big mass of water keeps temps lower and steady.
But not all is lost. It's that time of year to plant your garlic! Plant those sexy bitches! And do as much as you can. Garlic is like wine. There's never enough and it's plentiful! It goes with everything. Name me one thing garlic does not go with. Come on! Okay okay. So it might not be so awesome in ice cream of cake. Or any dessert for that matter. There is not one fucking ethnic cuisine that garlic does not play a role in. And when you hit the market and see that it traveled from Argentina or China and you live in America. California has a amazing garlic area of Gilroy, Ca. Gilroy might be a butthole of town to you. But they produce stealer garlic! You have to show it some fucking respect though. It takes its sweat ass time to grow. Yeah, 120 days or more is a long time for a harvest. But it prevails.
Root crops are in full effect son. Carrots, beets, & parsnips. Lettuces grow damn near regardless. Bok Choy, spinach, kale, fisee, what ever strain of lettuce's you can think of. Onions, all different kinds of onions! And leeks. What the fuck is there not to like about winter?! It's wet as a motha fucka out. You don't have to use water you have to pay for! Get some rain boots. Throw on some ugly ass jeans or canvas type bottoms. A long sleeve and a rain coat. Maintain your crop. Maximize your yields as if your life depended on it.

Maybe you don't have a official garden space. You're planting in containers on a balcony. Great and kick ass for you. Grow what you love to eat. But I encourage you to grow something new. Shit you wouldn't normally cook with. Seek out recipes for collard greens or rainbow chard. What's the worse that could happen? You have a running shit in the morning after your cig and coffee and it's done with. Show that lady you finally convinced to go on a date with your sorry ass that you can man the fort and cook with food you've grown and respected.

Grow more of what you darn well know you'll cook. But also grow stuff you're either intimidated by or think is gross. Grow enough of it to experiment with. Try........I don't know..... like 6 different recipes with that veggie or ingredient. Then you can eliminate it. You can honestly say, "I tried that, this and this ah way." You're over it and you'll move on. No harm no foul. Just a leaking butt hole and some smelly shit in your toilet. Nothing a shower can't cure. Wash your ass clean and it done!

And that is my talk about winter crops. Stop being a bitch about it raining. Watermellon is not in season. Neither are tomatoes. Now grab your balls and push on to what is in season. Carrots, Leeks, Beets, and a shit ton of weed since Humbolt has trimmed, cured, and shipped. Eat, Smoke and be merry ass holes! Don't forget your favorite seasonal beers either. And don't forget to treat each other well and with respect.