Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tools of the trade

Table saw by zero7negative
Table saw, a photo by zero7negative on Flickr.

Not that I'm a tradesman or anything. My wood work skills are horrible! But I'm determined to learn. Knowing how to use power tools and materials, is equally valuable as knowing how to farm/garden.
Since I didn't have a father figure in my life to teach me cool shit like carpentry or automotive skills. I had to grab my balls. Put em in my purse and learn my self.
Sure. It really sucks to fuck up $100 worth of lumber, but I'm having fun, I'm learning, and I'm actually doing something. As time permits. I'lll refine my skills and have a much nicer finished product in the end. For now. I'll have to live with some crooked cuts, uneven structure, and a not so desirable aesthetic. But I'm cool with that for now. If I had 5 years under my belt and still made ugly shit. I'd be pissed!
So I've been stocking Craigslist for used American made tools. I have scored some great inexpensive finds. Old Dewalt skill saw. Made in America. No plastic barrings or gears. Not made in China. But I looked for a year for a table saw. By no means do I need or have room for a big ol' table saw that real craftsmen use. They are on Craigslist all the time. Great price, made in America, great shape. But not for me.
So I tucked my balls and bought a made in China DeWalt table saw. This little thing is rad! You can cut angles, hook up a shop vac to collect the saw dust. It's small and light weight. I just hope it last a while. I paid $350. If it lasts me 5 years. I'll be happy. This table saw is going to get some serious use.

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