Monday, June 27, 2011

Soil Removed

Soil Removed by zero7negative
Soil Removed, a photo by zero7negative on Flickr.
So this is what I ended up with. Before I started. The ground was very uneven. I had removed a copious amount of concrete to make more room for gardening. Which caused that unevenness. Now it's quite even. Minus a few crazy ass holes that I had dug up some old old old fence posts. Someone was serious about those fence posts. They were close to 4 feet deep. 3 feet is good enough really.
Now I'm waiting on a fella to show up and take away the soil I dumped into the driveway. I was going to haul it away myself. But between renting a trailer and the many trips to the bump. I would be spending far more. That and my Jeep is having some health issues. I don't want to cause any premature wear on it since all funds are for garden right now.
I have all new "organic" top soil and compost in the works. Hopefully I can acquire it some time this week.
I failed to mention that I put up a new fence. That old one was tattered and the strong wind had blown it over. With my striking good looks and wit. I con'd the guy that owns the house next door to pay for the lumber and I'd built it. Even less money out of my pocket. That makes me happy. Had we had to pay someone else to do it. Both the neighbor and I would be out of more money. So this was a win win situation. Think about it next time this kinda shit happens to you. Yes I'm a cheap ass.
My next project is going to be building a worm compost bin out of wood this week as well. The Rubbermaid thingie I started with didn't work for me. Not to say it wouldn't for others. But a bin made of wood will be far more ideal. It's heat resistant. So the rule of not being able to keep a bin in direct sunlight will not apply. It will have a lid which will be able to be propped open during the day for constant air flow. I'll also be using 1/2" hole saw bit at the top for air flow as well. And new bin will be huge! So excited for my worms. It'll be the W hotel of worm bins.
Stay tuned damn it!

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