Monday, June 27, 2011


Rototilled by zero7negative
Rototilled, a photo by zero7negative on Flickr.

So this is my motivation. My church. My worship. A garden space with tons of potential. I've been working slowly and solo on this space. It's about 700 sq ft. The soil is rather toxic. So I made this out to be a bigger project than needed be. But for good reason. I couldn't fathom building beautiful and very expensive raised flower beds over toxic soil. Nor would I be able to sleep with a clear conscious knowing I just left the earth to rot, when I have the ability to nourish it back to good health. I took out about 6 inches of soil. Started by soaking the dry soil with water. Then took a rototiller to it. Removed that soil. Then repeated two more times.
Ever since digging in this space. I've found everything from a chicken carcass, possible murder weapons, cat/dog poo, more plastic than a Hollywood slut has been injected with, children toys, cans. And the list goes on.
It was so much work. This kind of labor work will put into perspective. What day laborers goes through. And yes I did this solo. Hans tried to help, but he was scared of the rototiller. He did however enjoy diggin his claws into the loose soil. Getting some of his puppy energy out before sleeping. I got a tan. Drank a few beers. And enjoyed my efforts as i watched progress unfold.

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