Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hans by zero7negative
Hans, a photo by zero7negative on Flickr.

After all these years of being a renter. I finally got a dog. Well. A puppy. His name is Hans. Named after my favorite furniture designer, Hans Wegner. Born February 18, 2011. A good friend of mine changed my mind on which breed of dog to get. With his 40 plus years experience with Rottweilers and have known Hans parents since they were puppies. I felt confident in my choice. Before getting a dog. I was considering many breeds. Border Collies, Australian Shepperd, Greater Swiss, and Bernese Mt dog. I just like dogs....for the most part. Small dogs are not for me.
Hans was born bob tailed. Meaning I didn't cut his tail. For only being 4 months and 2 weeks. He knows quite a few commands. Potty training was harder for me than it was for him. Today, he only has a accident once or week or less.
Funny story. The day I was bringing him home. I had to stop at the market and get us both food. I went in with a list so I wouldn't get distracted. In and out in 15 minutes. When I came out to the car and opened the door to my Jeep. The smell of shit came rushing at me like out of control train. He had smeared shit into my driver seat. First thought was of anger. But how could I? I stood there laughing my ass off. He was 10 weeks old. What the fuck did he know? And who the fuck would I be to get bent outa shape about it?
I rushed back to the store and grabbed napkins to pick up what I could and just covered the rest for the ride home, with him in my lap. The first 30 minutes of owning a puppy was my first lesson in learning patience. Hans is learning to be a disciplined dog. Whereas I am learning patience, which is long over due.
I take him to work everyday. He runs errands with me. He's so cool and chill of a dog. And he sees more cleavage than any bra.

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