Monday, March 11, 2013

Slowly saying good bye

Slowly saying good riddance to concrete! The progress lately has been kinda slow. Concrete is heavy, did you know that? I underestimated its back breaking capabilities. I got my jollies off using a jack hammer. It about rattled the few remaining brain cells I had left. I think it would have been easier had I pulled out the Remington 870 with 3" slugs and went to town on it. I once saw a fella chop down his Christmas tree using buck shoot.
Started out like this. Big slab of concrete, jack hammer, and beer (not in picture). Like usual. I did this at night. it was like 6pm. It was dark by this time. Not sure if I pissed anyone off with all the noise. Don't really care either. The last picture is of the first flush diverter setup. So the rain tank is ready for rain. But there has been next to no rain. Makes me sad.
I have yet to get to the sidewalk that still remains along side the garage. That's coming out as well. Artichokes will  be planted along side it. While on the opposite side will be an herb garden. Not the ganja kinda garden. The culinary kinda herbs. Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, and the such. I'm also thinking a outside kitchen. Not the wicked expensive type that rich folks can afford. I'll build a brick oven or pizza oven as it is referred to at times. A couple of burners mounted into a counter top surface area which will include a sink and an area for chopping and doing prep work. I'll probably source all the materials from second hand sources. Craigslist, whatever I find on the side of street, Urban Ore in Berkeley, etc.
The backyard landscape will resemble a California prairie. Tons of native flowers, grasses, & shrubs. Thick and lushious! Landscapes that aren't useful bug me. Prairies seem to warm and inviting. It begs to be walked in. To get lost in its tall blades while laying on your back in the summer sun. Bee's pollinating, birds eating seeds, and all the beneficial bugs that come with the territory. I'm not super knowledgeable of landscape architecture. It takes me a long time to gather inspiration and a know how of how to make things look. I don't want it to look like a train wreck. Though I'm sure I'd be okay in the long run. I still want some order to the madness. I'm not looking for a staged landscape. We shall soon find out how it pans out. I should be crackin on this shortly. I'm going to Sonoma Compost in Petaluma this week for compost for the veggie beds. I haven't been growing anything in them b/c they were going to be moved. Now that they are moved. I just need to get my soil compound situated. Then I'll start on the landscaping. I also ordered these horse troughs for the berry bushed. Got 3 of em. I do need to gather more cardboard. I'm running really low!

My friend Chris came over. We fucked some shit up. Next is that sidewalk area. But the big slab is gone.All goneWhat use to be really ugly is taking shape

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