Monday, March 11, 2013

Made in America?

I'm a huge advocate for buying American made products. I'll pay way more for a particular product just because it's America made. Even better if it's California made. Even more awesome is if it's made in the Bay area. There's a saying I really like. I don't know where I heard it originally. But nonetheless, it goes like this, "We're too poor to be cheap." I own very little. I'm not a hoarder or a collector of any sort. Maybe with the exception of furniture. But I wouldn't even say I'm a collector. I essentially own the basics. This allows me to spend more on what's important.
This will be a ongoing updated post. As I find people, businesses, products to add to the list. My all time favorite thing(s) are from Roy. He's in Oakland even! He makes the best pair of jeans for my ass. I beat the shit out of them day in and day out. That same pair of jeans I also dress up. With a pair of Yuketen boots and a nice button up from Taylor Stitch. You can't go wrong.

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