Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picture time

I got the memory card which has pictures of how things have been moving along. That speed is slow and steady wins the race since I'm going the work solo. When I pulled the sod out I came across some more weird shit in the ground. A poker table. 22" Weber BBQ, a child's doll, what use to be 2"x12"x10' board. I'm not surprised by what I pull out of the ground any more. I've about seen it all at this point. What I want to know is what the hell was going on back here at those times?

Some of these pictures will show you the fence that I have taken down. Two layers of cinder blocks acting as a retaining wall with only a 2" footing and no rebar. The  retaining wall had pressure from the back neighbors yard pushing against it, so it was starting to buckle onto my side. While the fence was leaning a cool 30 degrees into their yard. There was 4-5" thick nails that were exposed as well. Pretty dangerous had a kid or a family pet been back there while the thing fell down. I'm still really confused by that neighbors lack of participation in addressing this fence.                                            

It kills me to walk out to my backyard and see it in this condition. It looks like Sanford and Son's       backyard. I'm still debating on whether or not to yank out that lonely ill looking lime tree. I don't use lime enough to justify it's existence. I'd find a Lemon, apple, pomegranate, or a avocado tree far more useful. I do have 3 neighbors that already have a lemon tree. So pomegranate might be more up my       alley. If I did a avocado tree, it would be the dwarf version. Avocado trees can get freakishly huge.    

I've been building new axles for my Jeep so they can handle 35" tires for rock crawling. There is also a Bushman 205 gallon water tank to the left. I rather like my local representative, Barbara Lee. She scored our area a grant so that Oakland residents can get up to 620 gallons in rain tanks for cheap. I chose to get a few of the 205's. Once the fence is rebuilt. I'll be relocating the veggie beds to the back towards the new fence. Its great southern exposure and I'm really hoping that it'll all blend in really nicely with the new native landscape I'll be putting in. Along the new fence, I'll be creating a living wall with herbs. I'd really love to use these cool felt sleeves, but they cost way too much. So I'm thinking I'll go shopping for some of those shoe organizers that you'd hand on your closet door and string them along the entire fence. Cheap and readily available at any discount box store (Ross, TJMax, etc). One of the 205 gallon tanks will sit back there on a drip system. I can't wait to get this all going either. I kinda dislike my current watering regimen. The other 205 I'm undecided about where to place it. I'm thinking up front of the house to make it visual and easy access. I think if rain harvesting had more of a resents, it would be the norm. No one would bitch how ugly it is or wonder what it is. It would just be as normal as seeing trash can. I also plan on washing my car with rain water. You might be thinking I wont get much done with 205 gallons. However I just ordered a 1550 gallon Norwesco tank. I wont be able to pick it up until I clear the driveway, it's full of the remnants of the fence I took down and the veggie beds are in the way. I'll be placing it where the beds use to be. As well as blending in more native landscape, organizing my berry bushes better, creating a sitting area with strawberry patches, and possibly putting up a waist high fence between the house and garage, so that I can leave Hans out back and not have to worry about him chasing off the local kids. The concrete slab where I'm working on the axles is also going away. I think it breaks up the flow of how I'll have the landscape done. Besides, I fucking hate concrete. I've been looking for someone to take it off my hands to be repurposed as urbanit. I don't want to see it go to waste. I'm making a really small 3'x3'x6' tool shed to store gardening tools. I have a Reel mower which I'll probably never use again, a few rakes, shovels, and hand tools that will fit beautifully in it. The big worm compost bin will be worked into it all as well. So that is where I'm at. This is the time of year you want to be doing landscaping. The first few rain falls have come. New plants should establish easily and putting them in their place will be much easier as well.                                                                  

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