Friday, January 4, 2013

Native plants

Today was one of those days where I end up feeling completely accomplished with how much I got done. Don't mind that I did laundry, vacuumed, washed dishes (no dishwasher damnit!), paid bills, and cleaned 2 guns. Sorry if the thought of guns scares you. Actually.... no I'm not sorry. Fuck you! I'm one of the responsible ones. So kiss my ass.
But I got everything done on my, "To Do" list today. And that list was long. My favorite of all the chores was visiting Water Shed Nursery in Richmond. There's this guy who I just dig so much. I've met him twice, not including today. The first time was rather insignificant. The second time he must have been bored, not much going on, or in the mood to shower me with his knowledge. Regardless, I appreciated it so much. This guy has the paws of Babe Ruth. You know this fella has seen a few soil compounds and dug a many holes. The kinda fella you wouldn't mind sharing a few beers and stories with. I went in today to put a few touches on this rather small section of my front yard. Which I haven't shared "after" pictures of yet. Not sure why. Possibly because I don't have pictures of it after I tore out all the undocumented plant life. What can I say? I'm a rather shitty blogger. I can't spell for shit, my organizational skills for blogging are ill fit, and I'm rather busy.
I picked up a fern that is native to my area. It'll be a nice fit for the space it was in intended for. I'm a sucker for native sages. The same way I am for a lady with a nice toosh. Boy oh boy! I can't keep my eye off of it and can't wait to touch it. But with sages, I can't wait to put my face into it and smell it for the entire ride home. Now if I can only learn the verbage. The scientific names for these plants rattle my head so much! I can't freaking remember these names. I know there is a thing to it though. My lack of understanding makes me unable to explain how I know. One day though! I pulled out thing outa the ground and cloned another.
I threw a shit ton of poppy seeds out about a year ago. Not a damn one has come up. And it's been almost a year. While on a walk. I saw a youngster. Pulled it outa the ground and threw it in some soil. Tap root is wicked long! I'll plant it tomorrow. All you need is one of these poppy's and they'll take over the planet! Just went you thought Latino's populated like rapid fire? Poppy's have got em topped, no question. I got a few extra grasses too. Still trying to dial in this particular section and I think I'm going to include this scrub. Just gotta wait for it at the nursery or try and clone one.
Ever since meeting my friend Cris Cruz. I've gained this insane appreciation and interest for plants. They are quite amazing and should have the attention of many if not all of us.
I've got a ton cooking in the backyard as well. I've been coming in late every night for the past week getting work done. I'll follow this up with another post and some updates on the back fence and its trimmings. In the mean time, here are a few pictures.

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