Monday, October 29, 2012

More obscenities and no pictures

Yep, just jibber jabber in this post. I gotta make it look like I'm still alive and kicking. I'm back to working at a real job 6-7 days a week. I'm still broke as ever, but at least I'm contributing to all my neighbors on welfare.
I have pictures to post. They are on someone else camera though..... I've got yet another fence to rebuild because it was about 50 or so years old. I say, "was" because I have now tore it down. This fence is what divides me and my back neighbor from one an other. That property is about foot taller than mine. So there was a cinder block retaining wall with a Jimmy rigged fence in place. You can tell it wasn't entirely original b/c it wasn't very uniform. There would be 5 or so normal fence boards then some plywood to cover a hole from once upon a time ago fence boards.
These knuckle heads that moved in have/had this dog that would jump through the fence. Shit all over my yard. Scratch at my side door. Dig up my recent redone front yard. And since Hans is a Rottweiler. These folks would freak out and ask me to take my dog inside b/c they were scared of him. Hans is pretty well trained and he minds me quite well. He was on my property not there's. So to have them tell me to take my dog inside, while they sit on their fat lazy asses, kinda pissed me off. I gave these people a chance at first. I was cordial at first. But after telling them to keep their dog outa my yard and not to throw things over the fence. I started to get irritated. So I became a little less friendly. I was just shorter and didn't gab it up with them if they were outside like I did at first. Then one day the lady sings me a song about how she's on section 8, a single mom of 4 kids, don't have a job, yada yada yada. Then my respect for her fell even lower. Before the fence started leaning 40 degrees to her side. I kindly asked to have the landlords contact info. She refused to give it b/c she said she felt weird giving it out. But this dude needs to help me flip the bill for this fence. And well. Now I've been stuck with footing the bill for it so far. The guys info is public record, so it's not like it's too hard to get. I just have to put in the extra effort.
Now after taking this fence down. I was shocked to see how filthy these lazy bastards yard is. Man I'm talking trash bags all over the damn place. There is MinuteMaid bottles, soda bottles, soda can boxes and trash bags everywhere! So one night I'm trying to big out some of the concrete from the retaining wall and all a sudden I'm surrounded by 8 fucking ninjas! Raccoons! I'm no stranger to raccoons. I'm from the sticks of Iowa. And in East Oakland we got some crazy things going on. But urban raccoons are no fuckin joke man! I'm not scared of the vato locos down the street with their assault rifles (they can barley hit a damn thing with it). I'm scared of these damn raccoons! They are freakin ninjas! And they have thumbs! Urban raccoons don't give a damn about humans. They don't just run away and find a new trash can. They stand up a little and do this hiss, that if they were English words would say, "Hey ass hole. I'm hungry and I have no problem fucking you up! Now make me a sandwich."
After the raccoons left I typed up a letter asking that they pick up the backyard b/c it was inviting to unwanted visitors. My only concern was whether or not if they could read. It took a couple of days to get done, but finally most of the trash was picked up.
Now don't get me wrong. I know while reading through this post it could be mistaken that I've become a judgmental and non sympathetic prick. I am opinionated, sure. My sympathy stops at laziness. People who don't seek out the better in themselves. And just plan ol' stupid! And that is where I'm at. East Oakland has weathered me a touch, just a touch though. California as a whole is a topic of in its self.
As for the fence. I'm workin on it. I still have prep work to do. Clearing space for the new footing for the cinder blocks. Acquiring the cinder blocks and rebar. Minor acquisitions, but very key in building a fence to last longer than the prior fence.
I'll post up pictures later. In the mean time. Have fun, read some books, make someone smile.

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