Monday, March 5, 2012

Damn it has been a while

So yeah, its been a while since I made a post. There's a rather sad but yet not a uncommon story to be told, as to why I haven't made a post. September 12, 2011 my house was broken into while my girlfriend and I were out enjoying some ice cream in the beautiful weather we had been experiencing. Came home around 4 pm and I had noticed something funny about the side door we use most frequent b/c it only has locks. Whereas the front door to the house has damn gate and 2 extra locks. And frankly I fucking hate having to go through b/c of that.
I'm a freak. I notice everything around me. Leaf out of place. New car or the sound of familiar ones in the neighborhood. I guess it's the conditioning I've acquired throughout my life of living in shitty neighborhoods. I noticed between the door jam the dead bolt was not in the locked position and the door handle was locked. That's the complete opposite of what I do. I use dead bolt but not the door lock b/c the door handle lock was oxidized and the key was a pain in the ass to get in and out. I combed the place out to make sure it was "safe" to enter.
Once determined "safe" to look through my shit to see what was taken. It wasn't too hard to figure out what was. I live with very very little in the means of possessions. But lap tops were taken, camera gear gone, a night bag with bunch of my clothes, and yes a firearm. Which is odd b/c I keep a M&P 40 in plain sight by the side door and it wasn't even touched. But a locked up and hidden pistol was taken. Really odd to me. But whatever. Its just materialism. It does bug me that there is yet another firearm on the streets floating around. I only hope its in the hands of someone that doesn't know what they are doing and or the firearm fails and its found to be useless to someone with horrible intentions. There was a string of incidences taking place. I later had learned that a house 2 doors down was broken into a week prior to me. And on the following Thursday my immediate neighbor was hit. And she was hit REAL bad. And a week later, a good friend that lives in the hills was getting hit when his alarm company had dispatched him. It's easy to react with negativity and make assumptions or to use racial slurs. But the fact is. You can't say shit that really matters.
There was a Chevy Lumina that looked like it was bought from a car auction, that had previously served its life as a taxi. That was posted outside for about 2 weeks. I never saw anyone get into it. I only seen it during certain and infrequent times of the day. Like someone scoping shit out. But then the neighbor had her sister living with her and she was always having questionable ass people over. Whom some would knock on my door and ask for that sister. Its pretty clear I'm the only white dude in this hood. I've got a big ass rock clawler Jeep in the front. That same neighbor had illegals working on her house over a few months period of time doing a remodel. And then there are outside influences, assholes!
Needless to say you just take it up the ass and walk on. Now don't get me wrong. By no means should you leave yourself vulnerable to home intrusions. Since this experience I have learned a shit ton about security and the mentality of thieves that fulfill these behaviors. It was nice I wasn't home. One it shows me they were a coward. Secondly they'd be dead. I shoot and ask question later. Fuck that ultra liberal bullshit about guns are bad blah blah blah! If you damn well know you don't belong somewhere. Don't be surprised by large bore firearm aiming at your person. Take that fella as of recently in the Berkeley Hills. He's fucking dead b/c a intruder was on his property and he went out without baring arms. And don't confuse what I say about a innocent kid riding a big wheel up your drive way. That's just retarded. I'm talking aggressive behavior. Destructive behavior. If you can not identify a threat and innocence. Then you my friend are a dumb ass!
So now the house is kinda decked out like the damn Pentagon! I wont give away all my secrets to designing this security system b/c someone might be snooping. But yes a house alarm is in place. I didn't do one those Bay Alarm or ADT crappy things. I was going balls out! I also own and not lease my security system. Everything has a wireless contact which runs on a independent power supply very well hidden. All I gotta say is bring a shovel. You'll be here a while. By the time you find it, you'll have dug yourself your own grave and I wont be hard for me to dispose of your body.
Door locks. Now this threw my fucking hair back. You can bump Schlegs, KwiKset locks so easily. These locks are considered to be good locks. They are not by any means. You can buy kits online and we can walk around town all day long getting into houses with no problems.
Just a little hint about security. Who the hell do you think knows security better than anyone in the world? Fuckin Israelis of course! So I employed a few to do this shit the right way. My door locks can not be picked and the key can't be duplicated. I had to take finger prints and Photo ID taken. So if I need a copy made. Those 2 things have to match up.
So then I figured, well. That'll just send some ass hat to the window. So i found some more Israelis who knew how to protect windows without bars. That secret I'm not giving away other than its really fucking expensive. I have yet to get a security camera setup b/c I can't afford the cameras I want and I don't find a point in buying cheap shit from Radio Shack or Costco. But when I can. I'm talking clear as bell imagining night or day. All sync'ed to a 4 TB DVR with wireless internet access so I can watch the house if I so desired to.
I have 2 other items of security I employed in my system which I wont even talk about b/c its none of your business. I just don't suggest trespassing unless you like 3" 12 gauge slugs up your ass. Hans is now 80 lbs which isn't all that big of a dog. But he's fast as shit and his bite hurts! I can feel it through the Jit Sleeve.
I still don't have a camera so I use my iPhone to take pictures. I've made quite a bit of improvements since my last post. I'm also trying to sale the worm box I made in order to make another one which I think will be more ideal for my goals with the worms. Tune in kids. I'll be posting some cool shit soon. Until then. Get paid and get laid. Be good to each other.

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