Monday, March 12, 2012

Are these plants citizens?

   The word "citizen" is a entertaining topic of discussion. I suppose we're use to non documented workers. And I guess you can say the day labor verity is the most discussed or topic of conversation. Many consider such non citizen. But has that same fella looked at his landscape? Everything they are surrounded by is not a citizen. That Bermuda grass is not a citizen. It's been here for 200+ years now. Thought to be from either Africa or the UK. It takes a beating. It does well in the states (in many regions at the least). But we've been trained to think it should look a certain way. We throw all this SHIT on it to make it look its part year round. But it should be far more natural and easier than that process. Not to mention the negative side effects it has on the cool dudes making other things happen below the surface.
When we treat our turf grass with "shit" to make it look its part. We are in return messing up the soil below for the unnamed cool dudes. My favorite, worms. Worms work harder than anyone you'll ever know. You think your great great grandfather did cool shit? Fought wars, married a awesome woman, had kids, built his own home. That's all great stuff too. But worms build the ground that fella built his life on. So did a bunch of other critters. So without one your less likely to get the other. I'm not going to get all technical wennie on ya about the details of the microbes and beneficial bacteria that takes place in a natural process of life. That's just boring right?
   Landscape is simple. We over think it. Put way too much money into it. Waste resources over shit that doesn't fucking matter. Your spraying Round Up like air freshener after taken a fat shit. You wouldn't really have to if you kept it way more simple. I also find it ironic how a dude woudl make such a claim, "I love going into the woods and I love nature." But they could essentially have that in their backyard... literally! Have you ever camped out in your backyard as a kid or either with your kid? That was cool! You can take it a step further and make your land and make it look like nature. Amazing I know.
   Living in California. People really don't realize we are in a desert. The coast only takes up about 20% of the states landscape. The native plant life you implement on your space wont need watering or that other time consuming maintaining time eater nonsense. All that equals money! Water = Money. Time = money. Time and money saved = living life. Hopefully not in front of a television. But maybe hanging out in the kitchen or with the kid(s) or friends. Or in the garage trying to figure out how to rebuild that NP 231J transfer case you fucked up on the Rubicon.
   And then you get all the benefits of that native landscape. The bugs, birds, bee's, butterflies, etc. If you have a veggie garden. Shit man. Aphids will most likely be a thing of the past.
   So a friend of mine is this bad ass who knows shit I don't. We went to a nursery the other day. I experienced a whole new level of geek I've never seen. I've got fucking books, my girlfriend is a nurse, most of my friends are wicked fuckin smart. But this was outa control nerd shit. Listening to two dorks talk plants and the vocabulary was mind numbing. I was trying to pronounce the bloody words like a foreigner learning English. But I geeked out too. We picked up quite a bit of native plants. And yes some are grasses. If you do some reading. You can take a hike with your dog and take some clippings from plants in your area that are native. Plants are wicked. They survive like no other. And this leads me to the next statement. Get to know some fucking stoners. Preferable ones that grow pot. They know shit too. Let me rephrase that. Some pot growing stoners know shit. I'm sure they would be more than happy to hang loose at the jaw about plants. But the information is universal. And while your at it. Smoke a joint already! Lately I've been preferring hash. Maybe try that.
Hold on. What was I gonna type? Oh yeah. Think about it. Try it out in a area. Don't be afraid your friends will make fun of yeah. You probably need new friends anyhow. They only come around because you have beer or pot and your the only one that doesn't live in his mothers basement.
Do understand life takes time. Anything! And I mean anything in life takes time to establish. Be patient and be kind.
Fuck! I'm starting to sound like one of these Berkeley hippie type. Hurry! Where's my Remington 870?
Hopefully these images show up. I'm using a new computer and camera phone to give you losers that don't read pictures.

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